Water damage


Water damage

If you live in Oklahoma, you know that the weather is a bit chaotic. One day it’s sweltering 105 degrees and the next day you’ll see Thunderstorms in the 50’s. Humidity, condensation and the elements can be factors that have an impact on your floors. Busted pipes, a leaky roof and clogged plumbing are just a few of the other "life adventures" that can wreak havoc on your hardwood floors. Wood rot and warping are not uncommon, when dealing with water damage on your hardwood surfaces. We have the tools to get your floors repaired and as good (even better) than new.

Water damaged floor warning signs

The damage to your floor can build over time without you really noticing until it’s too late. One of the first signs of water damage to your hardwood flooring is having your floor buckle and warp. Another major sign of water damage is your floor color turning to a black or dark stain along the edges of the plank. These are great signs to look for when you have hardwood floors.



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Common causes for water damaged floors

  • Clogged and/or Broken Drain
  • Busted and/or leaky water line
  • Broken and/or leaky AC Unit
  • Broken and/or leaky water heater
  • Refrigerator leaks
  • Rain water from leaky roofs and foundation