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The inviting look and luxurious atmosphere provided by well-finished natural wood are second to none. Whether you’re updating a room, outfitting your business, or building your dream home, hardwood floors installed by a professional flooring company are an excellent choice for their value, durability, and timeless style. They’re also easy to care for, and with a little simple maintenance, they can increase home values and remain beautiful for years.

The floors in your home or business are a major visual consideration. Whatever you put down on that large of a space, you’re going to notice it. One of the great benefits of hardwood floors is that their look is neutral without being bland. Real wood is naturally beautiful and complements virtually all style choices. In addition, there is a lot of variety in the visual characteristics of different woods and the finishes available. If you enjoy updating your spaces regularly, wood flooring provides an elegant foundation and allows you to change the character of an area with accents, furnishings, and rugs as often as you like.

Hardwood floors also have outstanding durability. High traffic will not crush their fibers or permanently dampen their luster. A glass of red wine upset at a party won’t grind the gathering to a halt. Merely wipe it away with a cloth and forget it in minutes. In addition, should your hardwood floors show scuffs or wear from an area being well-used, you can refresh rather than replacing them. Having a professional flooring company sand and refinish your floors can cost much less than any new floor covering.

Allergy sufferers and pet owners can look forward to many benefits with hardwood floors. Along with being much more soil resistant than carpet, they do not trap dust, dander, or animal hair. When they’re clean, they’re clean, with no worry that irritating particles are getting pushed down where a vacuum cannot reach them.

The installation of hardwood floors happens in several stages. First, select the variety and finish. There are many types of wood flooring available, from exotic hardwoods to sturdy bamboo, and each has its own unique personality and characteristics. You will also want to consider the shape and layout of the planks in your space. A variety of stains and finishes also exist. Consider the shine level, color, and durability needed for the area when deciding on a finish. Finally, all the installation areas must be measured with consideration of any unusual shapes to determine how much flooring is needed. A flooring company can help you select the best type of wood flooring and finish for your home and budget, and take expert measurements of your space.

Once the wood flooring is selected, it may need to rest in your home for several days to ensure it is properly acclimatized to the unique temperature and humidity of the area. All areas of installation should be empty of furniture and any issues with the subfloor addressed in advance. If you have contracted a flooring company to do the job, a professional will visit your home and ensure that everything is prepared for installation to go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

After the planks are laid and fixed in place, the whole floor needs to be sanded and finished. Depending on the type of finish selected, multiple coats may be needed, and the drying time before coats can vary. Afterward, the finish needs to dry before it is walked on, and though there is variation in curing time between finishing methods, there is usually a waiting period before furniture and appliances should be returned to their places.

While some types of flooring and methods of finish hardwood floors are designed to be accessible to the DIY enthusiast, keep in mind that it is a big project made up of many small planks. You can save some money on labor costs, but generally, installing wood flooring will take you considerably longer than a team of specialists from a professional flooring company.

Your flooring company’s profession is to ensure that your new wood floors are installed correctly the first time so they will look and perform their best. Their skills and experience will ensure edges are straight, corners tight, and finish even. Furthermore, laying out wood flooring in a pattern that is consistent and attractive takes a great deal of precision and attention to detail. A flooring company has access to and experience with specialized equipment to get the job done efficiently with minimal dust and waste. Nobody enjoys paying for wasted materials, and your flooring company has the expertise necessary to ensure all the materials are used effectively and conserved where possible.

When considering upgrading your home or business with quality wood flooring, be sure weigh the cost of contracting a flooring company against not just the cost of materials but also your own time and effort. Another good thing to consider is reducing the cost of possible problems and increasing the longevity of your wood flooring with professional installation by a flooring company.

There are many reasons to include low-maintenance, sophisticated hardwood floors in a building or remodeling plan. They can add value to your home and upgrade its appeal for potential buyers. They are hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean. With so many styles available, wood flooring is an excellent place to begin when designing the unique expression of your personal space or making an impactful statement to your clients at work. A professional flooring company can guide you through the process from helping you select the best options for your style and area to clearing away the mess when the job is finished and instructing you in the best techniques to keep your hardwood floors looking lovely for years to come.

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