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Welcome to Brücke Flooring

Let's face it . . . installing new floors in your home can be challenging. You hire a company to do the job. Maybe it's a friend's recommendation? Maybe you've seen an advertisement online or in the paper? Your expectation is that the job is done right the first time, under budget and completed on time.

The reality of the situation is that you aren't buying new wood floors. You are actually paying for an entire experience centered around trust and integrity. By allowing us to have access to your home, you are trusting us to do a good job and install your new floor in the least intrusive way possible.

The difference between you having a great experience or a miserable one lies in our integrity. The most common complaints we here from new customers is how on previous jobs, the other guys left the house in shambles, extremely dirty or were unprofessional.

At Brücke Flooring in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we give every job the “White Glove Treatment.” We go to great lengths to make sure the dust and grime are handled. It’s important to us that the place looks great before we leave. We know it’s not easy to trust your home to a group of strangers. We appreciate that trust and work hard to keep it intact.

Open communication throughout every step of the process.

  • We would rather be too communicative than keep you in the dark or confused.
  • If we can’t perform a specific task, we’ll tell you. It’s better to be honest, rather than “wing” it and have disappointment linger.
  • Keeping the project moving and efficient is our specialty. A tendency that other installation companies have is to drag out the project. You are hiring us to get the job done on time and are being displaced from your home, until it is completed. It’s every-bit-as important to us that we get your job right the first time, as it is for you to get back to normalcy.
  • No-nonsense approach. We’ll break down every step of the process in layman’s terms without over-inflating the process. It’s important that you understand what we are doing to your home.

We're not happy, unless you are.

Brücke Flooring Cares

Brücke Flooring is fully insured, carry Workers' Compensation Insurance and adhere to all standards set forth by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we take floor installation very seriously and care about our craftmanship and every attention to detail.

24/7 Emergency Service

If you have an Emergency that needs to be addressed ASAP. Please call our number at 918.582.7373

For non-emergencies please click the link to go to our contact page.